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Welcome to the Lithuanian community in Sweden!


This website is mostly written in Lithuanian and Swedish languages. In brief, it includes the current news and information about Lithuanians living in Sweden. It provides information regarding membership, regulations, board, and newsletter for the growing Lithuanian community in Sweden. Lithuanian youth society in Sweden as well as Lithuanian schools in Stockholm and Helsingborg present their past and present activities, and future events. The enthusiastic Lithuanian folk dance group Baltija has its own page in English and Lithuanian versions. There is a photo gallery covering the most interesting activities and a discussion forum where the registered users can write their questions, comments and announcements.


Summing up, this website promotes integration of web based activities, communication channels, public networks, collection and sharing of information relevant to the Lithuanian community and to anybody interested in Lithuania and Lithuanians. Our goal is to be one of the most popular portals to the Lithuanians living abroad and to their friends.


We are looking forward to cooperation with related websites by exchanging links, adding advertisementS, publishing news. Please contact us by e-mail More details on how to reach us are listed in the Contacts page.

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