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LNG terminal Independence

Liquefied natural gas terminal "Independence" - a strategic energy project and a security guarantee not only for Lithuania but for the whole region.

Kategorija: News
Įrašė: Evelina

„Lithuania, the first of the Baltic States, has built a liquefied natural gas terminal. It is a strategic energy project that will determine our future.

At the same time, it is Lithuania's great victory. Lithuania has developed the terminal project by itself, independently. It took us only three and a half years to deliver it. We are now an energy-secure state. The Klaipėda LNG terminal will play a very special role - it will be a security guarantee for the whole region.

If necessary, it will be able to cover 90 percent of the three Baltic States' gas supply needs. From now on, nobody will dictate us the price for gas - or buy our political will. [...] Today's event is a turning point on the path of our freedom and further proof that we can seek ambitious goals and stand responsible for the future of Lithuania.“ (President D. Grybauskaitė, 27 October 2014), read full speech.


EU invests €647 million in key energy infrastructure – Lithuanian – Polish gas pipeline GIPL is on the list. (European Commission, 29 October 2014). Read full press release.


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Source: Ministery of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

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